I-405 Sepulveda Pass Closure

The News media has been full of articles announcing this closure, but we are repeating it for those that might not have heard.

STAY AWAY FROM SEPULVEDA PASS ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, JULY 16 AND 17, 2011 The entire Freeway will be closed.

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Earthquake Weather ?

I don’t know if it is because some think this is Earthquake Weather, or if it is because FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division kicked off this year’s Earthquake Preparedness Campaign today, but United Press International released a story this afternoon that everyone in Southern California needs to read.

Study: Quake could cripple Calif. economy

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Wild Animal Time Already

Everyone should be aware that the first sighting of packs of Coyotes and a possible large cat occurred last week in Bridlewood. This was during daylight hours.

It is not too early to remind everyone that small animals (this includes children) can be victims of these wild animals and you can not be too cautious.

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