SRV Trail Plan Review and Adoption

The Ventura County Resource Management Agency (RMA) has posted the proposed Trail Master Plan for the Santa Rosa Valley for citizen review and comment. Their posting can be found at the following Website:

This site provides very detailed information on what is being proposed and deserves your attention. The Draft Master Trail Plan is a complex document that must be read in total to understand its full implications. Information on procedures for filing comments are available on this site. Your comments on the Draft Trail Plan are due no later than June 6, 2014, and as explained on the site, should be submitted to Chris Stephens, Director RMA at Chris.Stephens@Ventura,org .

Santa Rosa Valley Trails, Inc (SRVTI) has invested several years funding the development of a Trail Plan for the Valley. The goal is to provide new purpose to the County’s Equestrian Trails Policy and to provide a plan for linking the disparate trail systems that currently exist.

The first step was to develop a map of existing and proposed trails to use as a baseline cialis black. Detailed maps were produced and reviewed at a number of local meetings including the SRV Municipal Advisory Council (MAC). Those maps were revised to incorporate many of the ideas submitted at the meetings but remaining concerns were set aside for consideration at the official public hearings. The SRV-MAC voted in 2013 to endorse submittal of the Trail Plan to the County for review and possible inclusion in the County’s General Plan.

Two presentations have been made at recent SRV-MAC Meetings by the consultants hired by the County to develop the Draft Master Trail Plan. They discussed a large number of alternatives regarding degree of development including conversion of public streets into combined thoroughfares. These ideas need your consideration before they become incorporated into the County General Plan.

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