Camrosa Water Use Violation Fees Public Hearing

The Agenda for the Camrosa Water District Board Meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 27th, is available HERE.

The anticipated Public Hearing on the Proposed Amendment to Ordinance 40-10 will be held as part of this meeting. As described before, this amendment is in response to the action by the State to force Water Districts to impose penalties on water users who do not meet the mandated water reduction requirements. It is also being forced on the District by local water customers who have failed to adjust their water use to meet the 32% reduction standard.

A copy of the Proposed Amendment and earlier information on this issue are available under Water Resources.

The portion of the Ordinance being amended deals with how violators of the water use restrictions will be penalized. We are currently in a Stage Three Water Supply Shortage condition and all the documented restrictions apply. Everyone should read the proposal carefully because once adopted, and if you have been notified that the District finds you are in violation of the Ordinance, you will be subject to fines. The fines start out at $100 per occurrence, but can elevate to over $15,000 per month if you are found to be in continued violation.

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