National Parks Service Study – Completed

Representative Julia Brownly held a Town Hall earlier this month to present and discuss the final National Parks Study Report. Congressman Adam Schiff who originally requested this study was in attendance. It was not apparent that any Santa Rosa Valley resident other than the author of this post was in attendance.

Information on the results of the Study are available at:

It is not clear what comments were submitted regarding inclusion of the complete Santa Rosa Valley in the proposed Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area as proposed in Alternative D. The endorsement from the Ventura County Supervisors was made public but it is understood the SRV-MAC did not take a position. In any case, we ended up being in a position that no one was able to explain at the meeting. The proposed boundaries are almost as ridiculous as the ones we deal with under the State Responsibility Area (SRA) and the resulting Fire Prevention Fee.

The Santa Rosa Valley was divided down Santa Rosa Road from Moorpark Road to the City of Camarillo. Everything south of Santa Rosa Road is in the proposed Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA), and everything north of the road has been excluded. The details can be seen on the large format map available on the PEPC site discussed at the link above. A proposal that they follow the Thousand Oaks Wildwood Park boundary was apparently not accepted.

The impact of all this will only be known in the future when “government” starts making decisions about how the land should be developed. Congressman Schiff has indicated that he will be asking for a priority track in presenting this change to the SMMNRA to Congress.

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