Santa Rosa Road Assessment District Extension

We are coming to the end of the proposed 10 year term of the Assessment District established to support installation, maintenance, and operation of the traffic signals on Santa Rosa Road. Assessment District collections will pay-off the remaining balance on this agreement this tax year.

Part of the original agreement was that the system would . . . → Read More: Santa Rosa Road Assessment District Extension

2013-2014 Fire Prevention Fee

The next iteration of the Fire Prevention Fee is now being billed and Santa Rosa Valley residents will start receiving their bills in mid-June, less than 9 months since the last billing. This will also be the first billing subject to the annual increase. The Fire Prevention Fee will be $152.33 and our reduced rate . . . → Read More: 2013-2014 Fire Prevention Fee

SCE 66 kV Project EIR Scoping Comments

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the ESA Energy consulting firm who is responsible for managing the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) accepted both verbal and written comments on items to be included in the EIR at the April 10th Public Hearing. However, they made it very clear that the best way to insure that . . . → Read More: SCE 66 kV Project EIR Scoping Comments