Norwegian Grade Construction Delayed

The construction scheduled to begin September 7, 2010, will be delayed until September 20, 2010 because of a labor dispute affecting the General Contractor. The City of Thousand Oaks elected to postpone the start of the project rather than have the possibility that the road would have to be closed for a period even greater . . . → Read More: Norwegian Grade Construction Delayed

Norweigian Grade Repaving Schedule

The schedule for re-paving the Norweigian Grade has been released by the City of Thousand Oaks. The segment of Moorpark Road which runs between the intersection with Santa Rosa, to the YMCA at the top of the hill, is all within the City Limits and will be totally closed starting September 7, 2010 for approximately . . . → Read More: Norweigian Grade Repaving Schedule

Norwegian Grade Reconstruction

The portion of Moorpark Rd between Santa Rosa Road and the YMCA at the top of the grade is within the City of Thousand Oaks. This road segment is in need of major repair and is a safety concern for the thousands of drivers and cyclist that use it every day.

The City has been . . . → Read More: Norwegian Grade Reconstruction